About E. Dixon

Birthed from humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia Erica Dixon, the youngest girl of nine siblings was raised in the mist of turbulent times. In early childhood, Erica experienced her first heartbreak when she was removed from her mother’s home due to her mother’s drug addiction and concerns regarding her safety. She would later relocate to Hempstead, NY to be reared and raised by her aunt and uncle.  This dramatic turning point in her life was the breeding ground fostering her drive, determination, and aspirations.

After completing grade school and middle school in New York, Erica returned to Atlanta to live with her mother, but soon realized that her new living arrangement was too strenuous so she moved with her father instead. After attending high-school, she was introduced to her child's father. Soon after a romantic relationship between the two ensued. After graduating from Forest Park High School, Erica enrolled in American Professional Institute where she obtained a certification in the highly sought after field of medical coding and bill transcription. Unfortunately, her romantic relationship ceased after 11 volatile years. However, during the course of the relationship her beautiful daughter Emani was conceived.

The birth of her daughter caused a shift in Erica as she became more focused on her career and sought after ways to constantly advance and empower herself. In efforts of revitalizing her child's fathers entertainment career, an emerging opportunity through the reality television series, “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta,” has afforded Erica a chance to venture into the entertainment business on her own merit. Now pressing forward, the television series has gained continued success in ratings as it highlights the lives of various entertainers and their current or former love interests. Erica is a giver, visionary, and entrepreneur at heart. She is a firm believer of esteeming others higher than oneself. She has launched  an exclusive line of clothing and hair extension that will speak to the hearts of women while both promoting inspiring messages while endowing self- confidence through style & appearance. Erica Dixon, the dreamer, the achiever, the trend setter; where destiny is manifesting into reality!